About The Company

Northstar Computer Systems was founded in 1991. While it started as a custom developer of software for the PC, NCS began selling software and hardware as a reseller, including building custom PCs. In addition, NCS provided consulting services to users getting their first PCs and to some small businesses requiring custom solutions to business problems.

With the explosive growth of the Internet starting in 1995, NCS seized the opportunity and started providing web hosting and design services in 1996. We were one of the first companies to provide Windows-based web hosting, long before it was a mainstream offering. We provided both shared and dedicated hosting on custom-built servers. As the market changed and a race to the bottom began in terms of service and pricing, we sold our hosting operations to On-Ramp Indiana to focus exclusively on technology consulting and custom development.

Through all these changes, the one thing that hasn't changed is our respect, appreciation, and responsiveness to our clients. In many cases, the bigger companies get, the worse the service becomes. While we may never be the biggest software developer in the world, we will ensure that our clients are ecstatic about our services and will refuse to go anywhere else.

Our Team

Eric Smith


20+ years experience as a software developer, trainer, and software architect

Eric started programming on an Apple ][+ back in 1981 and hasn't stopped learning since then. After earning his Computer Science degree at Purdue University, he worked as a consultant with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). The change in clients, business models, and projects that he experienced working for Andersen got him interested in the consulting business, and with only a few exceptions, he has been in consulting ever since that first job.

After building a very early web site dedicated to answering Visual Basic questions, Eric started writing technical books in 1996 and has since written, contributed, or edited 12 books covering topics such as Visual Basic, SQL Server, Active Server Pages, and ASP.NET. Unlike many authors who are simply rewriting the manuals, he was able to bring real-world expertise to help solve real-world business problems in these books. Eric also worked as a trainer for a number of years and taught the other companies how to do software development using these same languages and development tools.

Today, Eric focuses on the Microsoft platform but has extensive experience with complementary technologies such as Javascript/JQuery, MVC, Oracle, Microsoft CRM, Salesforce.com, and others. Part of being a good software architect is being able to learn and adapt new technologies to solve business challenges, and the wide variety of projects Eric has worked on has helped grow that knowledge base to where it is today.

In 1999, as a way to give back to the community, Eric became an EMT-B. He enjoyed this field immensely and earned his paramedic degree and license in 2011. In 2014 he earned his Firefighter 1/2 certification to increase his utility to his fire department. He also works part-time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, providing medical care to the thousands of spectators at the summer events.

Eric's resume is available for download.

Jodi Smith

Vice President/CFO

15+ years office management experience

Jodi is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio (BA) and George Washington University (MA) and has handled the management of the accounting and billing for Northstar since she the company expanded heavily into web hosting in 2001. She has expertise in account management, bookkeeping, and client relations.